About Us

The New England Association of Graduates (NEAOG) formed in 1987 under the leadership of Mike Kelley ('70), Ross ('81) and Stacy McNutt ('88), and Bob McNamera ('66). The First Academy Night began in 1990 and Lt Gen Charlie Hamm (the then Academy Superintendent) was the first guest speaker. Since then, most every Superintendent, Commandant and Dean has visited the NEAOG, which has grown to be one of the most active Academy Alumni organizations. The NEAOG currently has over 75 active members.

2016 NEAOG Chapter Award

2011 through 2016, the National AOG awarded the NEAOG the Distinguished Chapter Award.

USAF Academy Endowment

The NEAOG continues to be a proud supporter of The United states Air Force Academy Endowment.

Our Mission

The NEAOG mission is promote the common interests of United States Air Force Academy Alumni, Cadets, Family and Friends, Liaison Officers, and Candidates in the New England area.

Additionally, the NEAOG has the following objectives:

  • Assist the National AOG in supporting Academy Cadets and Philanthropic activities
  • Be an active information source for local Air Force and USAFA activities
  • Provide a forum to meet and network with USAFA graduates living and working in New England and beyond
  • Establish mentoring opportunities that connect experienced Alumni with those seeking advice and support
  • Celebrate Academy heritage

The NEAOG is honored to have had such great leadership over the years from past Presidents:

  • Stacy McNutt ('88)
  • Roger Thrasher ('86)
  • Janet Polaneczky ('86)
  • Ken Hasegawa ('81)
  • Tery Szanto ('81)
  • David Chaffee ('77)
  • Bruce Hevey ('75)
  • Darryl Scott('74)
  • Brian Kessler ('70)
  • Bob Johnson ('68)
  • Bob Hovde ('64)
  • Bob McNamara ('66)


Due to the current COVID-19 situation and restrictions being levied on cadets. The NEAOG is helping raise funds to supply care packages for each cadet squadron and share letters of encouragement from the Long Blue Line and the USAFA Family.

To donate, please visit:

To find other ways to support the cadet community, please visit:  USAFA CADET SUPPORT.

Please contact Jamie Thurber [jamie.thurber@lmco.com] for questions & information regarding NEAOG's 501c3 information.


Jamie Thurber and Bud Vazquez donated $500 to Operation Concern to the 66th Air Base Group Commander, Col J.R. Weilacher for Christmas 2013

Contact Info


Name: Col Jason Avram

Class: 1996

Email: jason.avram@us.af.mil

President Emeritus

Name: Mr. John Kelly

Class: 1965

Email: john.j.kelly@comcast.net

President Emeritus

Name: Mr. Bud Vazquez

Class: 1979

Email: budvazquez@msn.com

Executive Vice President (EVP)

Name: Mr. Denny Justin

Class: 1971

Email: DJustin@aol.com

Chief Financial Officer

Name: Mr. Jamie Thurber

Class: 1989

Email: jamie.thurber@lmco.com

VP Alumni Relations

Name: Capt Mike Fan



VP Operations

Name: Capt Vicente Pamparo

Class: 2015

Email: vicente.pamparo.1@us.af.mil

VP Industry Relations

Name: Mr. Jason Dyer

Class: 1994

Email: jason.dyer@perspecta.com